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Facilities in the College


The College Library came into existence with the college in 1965. The first library was in a small room No.20 in the main building. Ground floor was added to library block to be used as reading room, the Eastern end room being used for a class. Later, a small block of two rooms to house the library was built at the site  the entire ground floor came to be used by the library department. In 2000 the new Library building was constructed at Upstairs of Thiyana Mandabam under UGC IX plan.

Now the library has very good collections in disciplines. The number of books as on date is 55767.

  1. Encyclopaedia Britannica

  2. Encyclopaedia American Poetry and Poets 

  3. Encyclopaedia of Animal Kingdom

  4. Encyclopaedia of General Knowledge

  5. Encyclopaedia of Gardening

  6. New Caxton Encyclopaedia

  7. Old Dictionaries.



S.NO Name Designation Qualification Experience
1. Dr. (Tmt.) P. Renuka Librarian M.L.I.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D.,   2  years
3. M.Muthulakshmi Lib. Assistant B.A.   1   year


The College Library adopted the Internationals Decimal classification system. In this system the whole field of human knowledge has been methodically arranged under the ten digits, i.e., 
0 – 9, the fundamental divisions being as follows:
0 - General Reference
5 - Natural Sciences 
1 - Philosophy
6 - Applied Sciences 
2 - Religion
7 - Fine Arts
3 - Social Sciences
8 - Literature 
4 - Philology
9 - History and Geography 

The divisions and subdivisions of the sections of human knowledge are indicated by the addition of one, two, three, four, or more digits to the right of the fundamental one, always in the decimal order. Thus under 5 (Natural Sciences), 51 stands for Mathematics, 52 for Astronomy, 53 for Physics, 54 for Chemistry, etc. Again, under 8 (Literature), 820 stands for English Literature, 821 for English Poetry, 823 English Fiction, 824 for English Prose. 822.33 for Shakespeare, etc.

Besides this subject-classification number common to all the books of a group, each book is given an ordinal number according to the alphabetical order of the authors’ names in each section. The two numbers together indicate the book required. Authorless books are put at the end of their section. It may be pointed out that an exception is made for Tamil where the Titles are alphabetically arranged.


Our College Library is open on all working days and Staturdays from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Students are permitted to borrow 2 books at a time.

Total Number of Books for each subject given below

TAMIL                            5115

ENGLISH                       1002

COMMERCE                   926

ECONOMICS                 730

HIOTORY                      582

CHEMISTRY                   734

PHYSICS                       920

BOTANY                        1149

ZOOLOGY                      676


MATHEMATICS               387

          DAIRY SCIENCE             349