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  1. To develop a system for conscious, consistent and catalytic improvement in the performance of the Institutions
  2. To assure stakeholders connected with higher education-namely, students, parents, teachers, staff, would –be employers, funding agencies and society in general –of the accountability of the institution for its own quality and probity.


Some of the functions expected of the IQAC are:
  1. Development and application of quality bench marks/ parameters in various activities of the institution.
  2. Dissemination of Information
  3. Organization of discussions, workshops, seminars and promotion of quality circles.
  4. Recording and monitoring quality measures of the institution.
  5. Acting as a nodal agency of the institution for quality-related activities.
  6. Preparation of the Annual Quality Assurance report (AQAR) to be submitted to NAAC based on quality parameters.


IQAC will evolve mechanisms and procedures for:
  • Timely, efficient and progressive performance of academic, administrative and financial tasks.
  • The relevance and quality of academic and research programmes.
  • Equitable access to and affordability of academic programmes for various sections of society.
  • Optimization and integration of modern methods of teaching and learning
  • The credibility of evaluation procedures.
  • The adequacy, maintenance and proper allocation of support structure and services.
  • Research sharing and networking with other institutions in India and abroad.


As per the XII Plan guidelines given by NAAC 1. CHAIRPERSON
  • Dr. (Tmt.) K. Thiripurasundari, M.Com., M.Phil, B.Ed., Ph.D., M.B.A., Principal Sri Parasakthi College for Women, Courtallam.

  • Thiru. C. Lakshmanan, M.Sc., M.L., M.B.A., Secretary, Sri Parasakthi College for Women, Courtallam and Joint Commissioner, H.R & C.E., Department, Tirunelveli.

  • Dr. (Tmt.) S. Muthulakshmi, M.Sc., M.Phill., M.Ed., Ph.D., Head and Associate Professor of Botany.

    1. Thiru. Durai Thamburaj, B.E., F.I.E., Former General Manager, BHEL
    2. Dr. S. Ramesh, M.Sc., Ph.D., Head, PG & Research Centre, Microbiology, Sri Paramakalyani College, Alwarkurichi.
    3. ALUMNAE Sister. Shunmuga Sundaram, Correspondent, Sri Parasakthi vidhyalaya Hr. Sec. School, Surandai.
    1. Dr. (Tmt.) P. Kalyani, M.Sc., Ph.D., Head and Associate Professor of Dairy Science
    2. Tmt. S. Mariammal, M.Sc., M.Phill., Associate Professor of Dairy Science
    3. Dr. (Tmt.) R. Geetha, M.Com., M.Phill., Ph.D., Head and Associate Professor of Commerce
    4. Tmt. R. Jainila Sundari, M.Com., M.Phil., Associate Professor of Commerce.
    5. Tmt. R. Muthulakshmi, M.A., M.Phil., Head and Associate Professor of English.
    6. Tmt. V.R. Alagammal, B.Com., Office Superintendent
    7. Tmt. A. Muthumari, B.Com., Typist
    8. Student Representative – Union President

  • Tmt. S. Mariammal, M.Sc., M.Phil., Associate Professor of Dairy Science.
  • Dr. (Tmt.) R. Geetha, M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D., Head and Associate Professor of Commerce

Activities of IQAC - 2013 -2015
  1. 6.2.2013 – 13.2.2013 – Skill update programmes for faculty members.
  2. 22.2.2013 – 26.2.2013 – Computer training programme for PG Students.
  3. 28.2.2013 – National Science day celebration.
  4. 5.8.2013 – IQAC - General body Meeting.
  5. 8.1.2014 – Adoption of Vedamputhur village.
  6. 13.2.2014 – National Seminar on “Quality Enhancement in Higher Education”.
  7. 19.9.2014 - IQAC - General body Meeting.
  8. 5.1.2015 – IQAC met the Alumnae.
  9. 21.6.2015 – International Yoga day celebration.

Activities of IQAC - 2015 -2016
  • 16.7.2015 – Conduct of spoken English classes for non teaching staff members.
  • 29.7.2015 – Planting of saplings in memory of former president (Late) Dr. A.P. J. Abdul Kalam.
  • 5.8.2015 – Special meeting for the preparation of SSR for NAAC.
  • 26.8.2015 – Meeting with teaching staff regarding the preparation of proposals for Major / Minor/ Student projects.
  • 28.8.2015 – National seminar – Title “Quality Assurance Processes As Assessment and Accreditation at Higher Educational levels”.
  • 4.9.2015 – Awareness programme on “Anti Ragging”
  • 23.9.2015 – Guest Lecture for the preparation of NET/SLET examinations
  • 13.11.2015 – IQAC - General body Meeting.
  • 18.1.2016 - IQAC Meeting with members.
  • 15.3.2016 - IQAC Meeting with HOD and Liaison members of IQAC regarding NAAC peer team visit and preparation of AQAR.
  • 21.6.2016 – International Yoga day celebration.
  • 8.8.2016 - IQAC Meeting with members for the preparation of AQAR – 2015 -2016.
  • 10.8.2016 - IQAC - General body Meeting for 2016 -2017.
  • 30.8.16 - IQAC Meeting with Alumnae regarding NAAC peer team visit.
  • 30.8.16 - IQAC Meeting with PTA regarding NAAC peer team visit.
  • 2.9.2016 - IQAC Meeting with members.
  • 8.9.2016- IQAC Meeting.

Name of the Faculty
Area of Expertise
1. Dr. (Tmt.) C. Maheswari Ilakkanam & Sanga Ilakkiam
2. Tmt. M. Valliammal Ilakkanam & Sanga Ilakkiam
3. Dr. (Tmt.) H. Althaj Begam Sanga Ilakkiam
4. Tmt. M. Suthana Sanga Ilakkiam & Ilakkanam
5. Dr. (Tmt.) S. Vijila Nesamani Ilakanam & Modern Literature
6. Tmt. P. Thanga Duraichi. Ilakkanam & Sanga Ilakkiam
7. Selvi. S. V. Sundari Criticism
8. Dr. (Tmt.) P. Vidhyarani Graph Theory
9. Dr. (Tmt.) P. Chithradevi Graph Theory
10. Dr. (Tmt.) M. Umadevi Ultrasonics
11. Dr. (Tmt.) G.V Anuradha Crystal Growth
12. Dr. (Selvi.) L. Muthu Lakshmi Environmental Chemistry & Polimer kinertics
13. Dr. (Tmt.) R. Shanmuga Kala Coordination Chemistry
14. Dr. (Tmt.) M. Sudha Polymer Chemistry & Nano Chemistry
15. Dr. (Tmt.) K. Parani, Environmental Biotechnology.
16. Dr. (Selvi) K. Sermakkani Phytochemistry and Microbiology.
17. Dr. (Selvi) B. Kamatchi Kala Seed biochemistry
18. Dr. (Tmt.) R .Reji Kanna, Mushroom cultivation and Tissue Culture
19. Dr. (Tmt.) M. Karpaga Selvi Economic History- Irrogation (British Period)
20. Dr. (Tmt.) H. Rasi Religious Study (Vishnaism)
21. Dr. (Tmt.) R. Renugadevi Women Studies
22. Dr. (Tmt.) V. Jai Sudha Devi Financial Management.

IQAC Reconstituted on 25.02.2010 as per the UGC XI Plan Guidelines

IQAC MEMBER (2010-2011)
  1. Patron: Mr. M. Pugalendran, B.A., B.L., Secretary, Sri Parasakthi College For Women Courtallam.
  2. Chairperson: Dr. (Tmt.) C. Rajeswari, Principal
  3. IQAC Coordinator: Dr. (Tmt.) M.Maruthi Kalaiselvi, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., Head and Associate professor of Zoology.
  4. Senior Representatives:
    1. Tmt. B. Balasaraswathy, HOD & Associate Professor in Mathematics
    2. Tmt. R. Sankaravadaiammal, HOD & Associate Professor in Botany
    3. Tmt. S. Saroja, Associated Professor in History
    4. Tmt. R. Muthulakshmi, Associate Professor in English
    5. Tmt. V.R. Alagammal, Office Superintendent