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       To transform rural girls with fossilized rural mind-set into women with potential through academic, value and career oriented teaching, ensuring equity, accessibility and excellence, thereby contribute to national development.


  • To design academic programs and activities to empower and uplift rural women.
  • To prepare the stakeholders with employable potential thereby make them self dependent and self Confident.
  • To inculcate civic sense and social commitment in stakeholders and mould them as responsible citizens.
  • To create an intellectual community in and around our area.
  • To mould the stakeholders with holistic personality traits.


  • To provide higher education to rural girls.
  • To create an educated community in every hamlet in and around the institution.
  • To motivate all the stakeholders to be career oriented.
  • To create an urge in stakeholders to be self dependent and enterprising.
  • To contribute to national development through the rural women's empowerment and upliftment.